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Ariana gets penetrated by her lover

Ariana finally gives up the twat to her man of more than two months. He's had to wait for a while but once he dipped his cock in her vagina he knew that the wait was more than worthwhile. It's been a long and hard struggle but this dude finally got to shag his high college sweetheart. He had to work her for months, spend money on movies, dinners and many cab rides.

But she was freaking sexy and definitely worth every single second and penny. After the first few weeks she slowly started showing signs of wanted to go to bed with him, but she wasn't going to make it easy, and he could tell they were nowhere close to where he wanted to be. He still had more work to do.

One day she invited him over to her house for the virgin sex and he knew it was on. Today was the huge day; he was finally going to fuck his exciting young slut. He couldn't wait to get to her house; he felt like a kid the night before Christmas. When he got there he could tell she was slutty and ready to go all the way.

They started making out, touching and rubbing each other's bodies. Pretty soon she was entirely nude and blowing his massive cock. They penetrated for hours and near the end she blowed on his dick and let him bust right inside her mouth .

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