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Jada gets penetrated by her next door neighbor

These two have been next door neighbors for years, and even thought he has always had a thing for her, she would never give him the time of day. Until today, that is. Jada was curious about her neighbor and friend and decided to give sex a try. This dude has had a crush on Jada for the longest time. Weeks, months... he doesn't even remember anymore.

He just knows he desperately wants to screw her innocent vagina at all costs and he will stop at nothing until he finally sticks his dick in that amassing virgin vagina.

Well, it looks like today is his lucky day and he will finally know what it feels like to not only fuck this pleasant virgin, but to have his penis blowed by her soft lips too! Fucking the whores of his dreams was easily the greatest triumph of his young life.

He somehow convinced her to come over to his house and they drilled right there on his bed. They went right to it; no teasing or anything of the sort, just rough fucking sex! Jada turned out to be quite the beast in bed too, which was definitely a very adorable surprise.

He asked her to get face down anus up on the bed and he pounded her slippery pussy hard from the backside, then blasted his nut and left her soft ass cheeks sprayed with tasty semen. Good things cum to those who wait.. .

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