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Nataly has made this poor male wait for months but now it's finally time to go all the way. They say that good things come to those who wait. That is so true! Nataly is still very young, only twenty years old, and she has only had a handful of men.

It's always the same story with her: she is hesitant to trust them and always makes them wait ridiculous amounts of time for fucking. Truth be told, she has only had sexual intercourse perhaps six or seven times in her life, which is definitely not a lot for such a hot young lady.

But it appears that now she has a met a guy she really, really likes and they are slowly getting serious. He, of course, is very anxious to fuck and has told her so on numerous occasions. However, she has always acted nonchalantly and dismissed his advances as just a guy being a guy, desperate for sex.

But after much begging and nagging it seems like she is finally eager to open up her legs and you can bet he is happy about that. Hs sleeps over one night and nothing happens, but the next morning when they both wake up it is ON! He kisses her lips, teases her body and runs his hands over her soft skin. Her body reacts, twitching and twisting, urging for his monster cock.

Things get very exciting! Make sure you watch this complete movie to see Nataly get her chick twat drilled hard .

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