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Slutty virgin Diana finally decides to penetrate her neighbor

The girl took a bit of convincing but Diana finally agreed to out with her next door neighbor. He took her to a video, then back to her place where she showed him the hottest time of his life! Diana's next door neighbor has had his eye on her for months. But she likes to play hard to get, like she doesn't even notice him at all.

It doesn't matter how many times he stops to talk to her in the street, or how many times he rings her bell with the lamest excuses... it's like he doesn't even exist to her. After weeks and weeks of hard planning and strategy (and being rejected), he finally got her attention... and it paid off.

They say good things come to those who wait and this was no exception. I guess she was either very bored or very seductive, or perhaps a bit of both. The girl let him inside the house, inside her mouth and deeply her vagina!

Once she gets undressed you can understand why he was so anxious to knock this sexy and hot girl. Her body is one hundred percent banging, with soft puffy breasts and a firm round bum. Bang her was everything he expected and then some! Watch as she gapes him dry for a good fifteen minutes, then let's him fuck her doggystyle.

That pussy looks so pink and wonderful, so nice! This male must think he died and went to heaven. He finishes it off by busting a massive fat juicy nut right inside her spread mouth. After finally fucking this delicious hot virgin, this stud must be counting his lucky stars .

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